My name is Nick Peeters. With NIPmedia I will help you to visualize your passion and project. Together we look at the optimal medium to present your story. Together we reach the people you want to reach in the right and most efficient way. 
You can contact nipmedia for:
- Projects/passion: Do you want to show your project to the world? Do you want a video from your passion? Together we make it work!
- Product commercials: Do you need a short commercial to launch your product? Or do you want to show off its best features? With the right scenes and shots, we emphasize the best features of your product and make it memorable between all other social media adds.
- Corporate: Do you want to present your company in an interesting way? Together we make a script and bring it to life!
- Drone (FPV): The FVP (first person view) drone are getting more and more popular. it allows us to take super dynamic video's. it's also uses to show of houses and companies. Want some drone footage? Get in touch!

Are you ready to show yourself ?!
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